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Loan Professional

Loan Professional

Loan Professional has been designed with an easy to see and understand layout which allows for short training time. We understand time is valuable which is why we have paid special attention to the flow of our software, making your employees much more efficient!!

Loan Pro Screen Shot

Loan Pro Screen Shot
Loan Pro Screen Shot
Loan Pro Screen Shot

Loan Professional Features

  • Comprehensive End of Period Reporting – Includes a General Summary, individualized Loan Type Summaries, Delinquency Summaries, Drawer Summary, GL Postings, Security Report to help prevent theft, and several extended summaries to choose from.
  • Print laser contracts, form contracts, thermal receipts, 1/3 page receipts, laser receipts, and laser checks.
  • Work Delinquent Accounts in our Work Accounts screen with our newly updated Work Accounts Grid. Manage your callbacks and promises in our easy to use contact form. Send individual text messages to customers through our Work Accounts screen.
  • Automated Solicitation Mail that is easily customized for how you want to solicit your customers!
  • Report your customers to the 3 major credit bureaus using Single Trade Line or Multiple Trade Line reporting, your choice.
  • Password protected security with customized access levels to limit employee access.
  • Software Auto Updates
  • Loan Professional saves every End of Period report.
  • VERITEC certified in several different states.
  • Comprehensive Reporting that includes Status of Accounts for banking, Delinquency Reporting, Bank Register, Deposit Register, Unearned Interest, and many more. We work closely with state agencies to develop Annual Reports.
  • Multiple Tools to make your office more efficient. Scheduler to automatically run reports so your employees don’t forget to. The ability to Edit Loan Letters that use multiple variables to whatever you want. Auto High Credit Increase, set your criteria and this tool will automatically raise borrowers high credit.
  • Allowable Loans Table, this can be customized so that you decide what term and amount your employees can give out.
  • Pre-Paids, whether using Insurances or loan charges we have many options for setup on Pre-Paids.